Job Opportunities

2 PhDs opportunities (MESRI)

The 2018 doctoral award campaign of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI in french) is open for ED 2MIB.

It takes place in 4 phases:

1/ Student applications on the ED's website before April 27th
2/ Selection of only one candidate for each project before April 30th
3/ Audition of the candidates by the CIM Pole Jury of the ED (May 18th)
4/ Validation and publication of the results by the ED (June 15th).
The candidate will pass an oral examination in front of a Jury (May 18th).
If you are interested, please contact us in advance so we can prepare well the audition which is determinant in the selection process.

click here for details and application:

subject 1: Nanocomposites plasmoniques: amélioration des propriétés d'interfaces

subject 2: Matériaux structurés innovants: étude structurale par diffusion des rayons X


working with us

We are looking for motivated candidates at any stages of their carreer (interships, PhD, Post-Doc). Calls are opening continiously so don't hesitate to contact us to prepare applications in advance. Our research revolve around the synthesis of colloids (e.g. gold, silica, CdSe) and their self-assembly into materials with the help of advanced caracterization techniques (i.e. SAXS). A taste of modelisation, data analysis and programming is a plus but not mandatory. If you plan to apply for some grants (e.g. Marie Curie actions, DGA...) with your own project, we can help you as long as it suits our research activity. Excellent communication skills (both written and oral) in English are expected while knowledge of French is not mandatory.

Please contact us by e-mail, including your CV and a cover letter precising your motivations and how you could contribute to our research.